World Experts Meeting 2018 | 19.10.18 Barcelona

World Experts Meeting 2018

19 and 20 OCTOBER, 2018


World Experts Meeting 2018 2

The Sinclair College is proud to present the World Experts Meeting that will be hosted on the 19th and 20th of October in Barcelona.

Two days filled with vast amounts of knowledge for you to stay informed with all the latest news, share experience and create valuable connections. Key opinion leaders from around the world, who are dedicated to developing new approaches in the field of aesthetic medicine, come together to demonstrate facial-rejuvenation procedures using re-absorbable sutures with cones, collagen stimluator, hyaluronic acid whilst also presenting their own experience combining treatments.

Furthermore, advanced live demonstration cases will be shown during the two days with varying level of difficulty, performed by a number of different world experts.

This important event is organized under the joint patronage of the Instituto de Benito and Sinclair College.



This year the WEM programme has been brought to you with the intention of providing a wealth of different treatment techniques. We will dedicate the necessary time to share key insights and explanations of the products and techniques to treat specific areas. The upper, middle and lower face treatments will be discussed as well as profile, lips, neck and hand treatments.

Back by popular demand, we will be live demonstrating treatments on patients with different indications for the same area but also for full facial rejuvenation, utilising re-absorbable sutures with cones, collagen stimulators and hyaluronic acid products.

We will be featuring 48 session-leaders, specialists in their respective fields, along with an international array of guest speakers, with whom we collaborate with for training and the presentation of courses via our interactive systems.



We are bringing together internationally renowned professionals to share their experiences and scientific knowledge

Javier de Benito, MD
WEM Moderator, Spain

Maximo A Evia Arceo, MD
Aesthetic Doctor, Spain

Gabriel Aribi, MD
Dermatologist, Brazil

Benjamin Ascher, MD
Plastic Surgeon, France

Kathryn Taylor Barnes, MD
Aesthetic Doctor, United Kingdom

Ghislaine Beilin, MD
Aesthetic Doctor, France

Beatriz Beltrán, MD
Aesthetic Doctor, Spain

Edgar Jair B. Carranco, MD
Aesthetic Doctor, Mexico

Alieksiéi Carrijo, MD
Plastic Surgeon, Brazil

Ho Sung Choi, MD
Aesthetic Doctor, Korea

Marie-Odile Christen
Scientific Advisor, France

Ercan Cihandide, MD
Plastic Surgeon, Turkey

Timothy Eldridge, BDS
Dental Surgeon, United Kingdom

Iñigo de Felipe, MD
Dermatologist, Spain

Gerd Gauglitz, MD, PhD, MMS
Dermatologist, Germany

Massimo Gianfermo, MD
Plastic Surgeon, France

Antonio Graziosi, MD
Plastic Surgeon, Brazil

María del Mar Guerra, MD
Aesthetic Physician, Mexico

Rami Haidar, MD
Maxillofacial Surgeon, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Simón Harker, MD
Plastic Surgeon, Columbia

Kyungkook Hong, MD
Dermatologist, South Korea

Bernardo Hontanilla, MD
Plastic Surgeon, Spain

JongSeo Kim, MD
Plastic Surgeon, South Korea

Malavika Kohli, MD
Dermatologist, India

Shang-Li Lin, MD
Dermatologist, Taiwan

Ingrid Lopez, MD
Dermatologist, Mexico

Z Paul Lorenc, MD
Plastic Surgeon, United States

Sébastien Malaise
Perfectha R&D Manager, FR

Victoria Manning, MD
Aesthetic Doctor, United Kingdom

Alistair McAlpine, MD
Aesthetic Doctor, Republic of South Africa

John Meadows, PhD
Head of development in Sinclair, UK

Francisco de Melo, MD
Plastic Surgeon, Portugal

Ali Mojallal, MD
Plastic Surgeon, France

Pierre Nicolau, MD
Plastic Surgeon, Spain

Peter Peng, MD
Dermatologist, Taiwan

Plastic Surgeon, Italy

Flávio Rezende, MD
Plastic Surgeon, Brazil

Rosalba Russo, MD
Surgeon, Italy

Aydin Saray, MD
Plastic Surgeon, Turkey

Francisco Tribulato, MD
Plastic Surgeon, Brazil

Franco Vercesi, MD
Plastic Surgeon, Italy

Arnold Young, MD
Aesthetic Doctor, Hong Kong

Sabine Zenker, MD
Dermatologist, Germany

Saleena Zimri, MD
Dermatologist, United Kingdom
World Experts Meeting 2018 3

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