Face Combination Treatments | 16.05.19 Rome

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Face Combination Treatments

May 16, 2019

Rome, Italy

Face combination treatments

Face combination treatments 3

Face combination treatments 2



Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Rome, Italy



  • Discover a new technique
  • Tips and tricks around a specific indication/technique
  • Examine the best combination solutions
  • Learn the Liquid Face Lifting Technique: a combination of 4 simple non-surgical procedures



Live case observation



It has been some years since Medicine and Aesthetic Surgery started getting closer. This phenomenon is modifying even our clinical treatments: aesthetic doctor increases his action camp to more aggressive methods, meanwhile we, as surgeons, whenever it is possible, choose less invasive procedures that give even very good results.

Liquid Face Lifting it’s a combination of 4 simple, non surgical procedures:

  • Botulinum toxin injection
  • Filler to lift and restore volume
  • Skin peel: like PRX T33
  • Threads
  • Adequate skin care products that will last you for up to 3 months to boost and maintain the results, while constantly repairing the solar damage and protecting skin from further damage

My first approach after an examination of the contour lines of the face, the kinetic lines and the skin coverage starts first with Botulinum Toxin procedure, not at all to treat horizontal lines on the forehead and vertical lines above the nose, but to get a release action on the “depressor muscles” of the entire face.
Second step after two weeks: Fillering, this treatment offers a versatile, non-surgical option for facial augmentation and contouring with a multitude of potential aesthetic applications.

The choice of substances and injection volume in the subsequent sessions depends on my evaluation of patients.

We have tested some dermal-fillers based on:

  • Calcium Hydroxyapatite (CaHA)
  • Polilattic Acid (PLLA)
  • Tri-Calcium-Phosfate (βTCP)
  • Poly-Capro-Lactone (PCL)

The last but not the least is the relatively new Poly-Capro-Lactone based dermal-filler, that has many safe reports and important characteristics of length, viscosity, and elasticity.
Our purpose is not only a filling for a sulcus but a renovation of aesthetic unit to generate the harmony of the face that depends on the proportion between concavities and convexities.



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