Asses Your Emotional Expression in Motion

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Assessing emotional expressions and degree of animation are one of the facets of the facial assessment clinical evaluation.

Relaxed face, Pursed kiss, Angry face, Big smile, Grimace

Pioneering study captures natural expression

Restylane gel technologies break new ground to achieve natural-looking results – while at rest and in motion. 1,2,3
A unique and innovative trial was developed to quantitatively measure the degree of stretch and compression in facial expression using strain-mapping technology2 to analyze before and after videos.
Restylane treatments provided clinically significant improvement (compared to baseline). The treatments reduced the degrees of stretch to levels resembling a younger person. Animation of the lower face, such as smiling and lip pursing, looked more attractive and youthful, without compromising naturalness.2

Not intended for French HCPs.
This photo is only provided to you for facial assessment purposes and will not be used for any other purpose. All copies of the photos will be destroyed.
1. Philipp-Dormston et al., poster presented at AMWC 2017.
2. Data on File. MA-35495
3. Swift et al., Clin Cosmet Investig Dermatol 2017;10:229-238.

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