Cervico-Facial Lift: Advanced Technique for Natural Results

So, we are at our surgical clinic, ready to perform a cervico-facial lift and enhance the neck and face appearance significantly for rejuvenation. For privacy, we cover the patient’s eyes. The incision is a pretragal incision that respects to ensure better results, we must consider the natural creases of the skin and avoid making a linear cut. Instead, we should follow the contours of the wrinkles. Hence, our incision should begin at the tragus. The incision at the tragus is internal. Then the earlobe, with a curvilinear incision respecting its position. And finally, it is very important to break the incision at this point by creating a release triangle. Here it is, like this. Then in front of the auricular cartilage we will make a curvilinear incision. So, the result of this incision is a combination of curvilinear and angled straight incisions. We proceed with the incision. After infiltrating a local anesthetic solution, we will make this interrupted incision, meaning a curvilinear incision, angled, curvilinear, angled and curvilinear. Here it is. Obviously, with a gold scalpel. Now we proceed with centrifugal traction. Here is our flap. This lower flap is directed upwards. This one goes horizontal. And this is our lift. Look how beautiful homogeneous surface. We have just finished the first side, the right side. This is the suture. You can see it is a suture with a curvilinear surgical incision, straight at the angle. And here it is, all sutured. With medical staples and invisible stitches. The surgery is finished, and the most important part, 10 percent of the procedure, is the dressing. The dressing consists of polyurethane. This is an advanced dressing. That provides a quick healing process for wounds in just two days. You can see it here. The dressings are already pre-shaped. And then a compression. Targeted compression. Let’s take a look.

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