Profiloplasty: Discover How to Enhance Your Facial Profile

Today, let’s discuss the topic of profiloplasty, which involves a surgical procedure focused on the cervico-facial region. This procedure aims to harmonize the proportions of the upper, middle, and lower thirds of the face. Our main focus today will be on the nose. We will extensively cover this subject. Also the rhinomegaly, and the ears performing an otoplasty, you can see hypertrophy of the concha. Over the years, well-defined cartilage becomes hypertrophic. Do you see this concha? This concha is hypertrophic, almost giving the appearance of a protruding ear. The nose on the other hand, will have an increase in the hump, which is the excessive part of the nose. So rhinomegaly specifically involves hypertrophy of the hump, the cartilaginous hump, this entire portion of the nose that has excess tissue inside the nostrils, known as hypertrophic, is removed by operating from within. We will also perform corrective measures on the nasal wings.

The classic bulbous nose with asymmetry—here you can see it is more pronounced, here less so. We will lower the entire part of By removing this part, the nose rotates and rests on the new osteocartilaginous structure that we will create. So, our approach today is a closed rhinoplasty. Inside the nostrils, a horseshoe-shaped incision is made, from which we will smooth the dorsum. After the procedure, we will apply a dressing with tape and plaster. Here is the nose immediately after surgery. We have performed lipofilling of the malar region, and this is the taping. In the end, we employ a protective sponge with a plastic splint, replacing plaster. The updated splint is no longer made of plaster.

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